From: Mr. Johnson <>
Date: Thu Mar 30 2006 - 15:00:25 EST
First off.Thank you for all of your replies, comments, suggestions and
humor, both public and private. It has been helpful, insightful and is much
appreciated. Now for the summery:


My original query with a "boiled down synopsis" of your answers:


1-Who has root access in your shop?


Root access should be controlled and restricted the admins responsible for
the operation of the server. However, many of you pointed out that this
policy may have to be flexible and adjusted to the situation depending to
the competency and professionalism of those who would have access.


.           In the end.. depending on the those that you must share the
access with some type of SLA and professional agreement/understanding must
be reach and abided by all who would have root access.


2- How is privilege access handled in your shop?


Sudo was the utility most used to deliver the correct access. However, many
of you in private messages did not even offer this option and required
duties that require root to be done by the sysadmins.No exceptions.

3-What risk do I run by having root out side of a controlled group?


I have two quotes that I believe will convey the general and most prevalent
thought from you on this subject:


            1-"Once you give out root, consider the system hosed."

      2-"Complete and utter annihilation of your functional network."


  Again Thank You all for the advice suggestions.
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