SUMMARY: Solaris 10, jumpstart, Unable to copy a temporary file to it's final location

From: Pascal Grostabussiat <>
Date: Wed Mar 29 2006 - 04:35:52 EST
Thanks to Casper Dik and Bernd Schemmer for their time an replies. Dik 
actually found the problem asking us to check if we were not accidentily 
running a Solaris 10 miniroot installing a Solaris 9 software tree. This 
was indeed the case because of a typo in the bootparams file that we 
copied/edited but hand but forgot to turn a 9 into a 10 and ended up 
with that weird behaviour. Be had double-checked that bootparams already 
twice but never saw that typo. The third time was the good one. Thanks 
Dik. Once the type was corrected the jumpstart worked all the way 

The original question is pasted below.

Again, thanks!

The original question was:


anyone who has seen this before !? I am puzzled. I Did not find anything 
on that issue in the archive nor on the web. To be correct I found one 
reference on the web to the exact same problem and that was on Sun 
Forums, but the guy who posted the problem May 2005 never got an answer 
:-( The link to his post is:

Any help appreciated. We have been running jumpstart for all our servers 
for several years with Solaris 7, 8, 9 and this is the first time we try 
for Solaris 10. The problem seems to be that the "profile" directory 
does not exist, therefore can attributes not be set for the file in that 
directory. The output from my jumpstart is as follows, see the warning 
and the error at the end.

ebooting with command: boot net - install
Boot device: /pci@780/pci@0/pci@1/network@0  File and args: - install
100 Mbps full duplex  Link up
Requesting Internet Address ...
SunOS Release 5.10 Version Generic_118822-25 64-bit
Checking rules.ok file...
Executing SolStart preinstall phase...

Processing default locales

Processing profile
       - Selecting cluster (SUNWCXall)
       - Selecting locale (en_US.ISO8859-1)
       - Selecting locale (en_US)
       - Selecting all disks
       - Configuring boot device
       - Configuring / (c1t0d0s0)
       - Configuring swap (c1t0d0s1)
       - Configuring /var (c1t0d0s3)
       - Configuring /opt (c1t0d0s5)
       - Configuring /usr (c1t0d0s6)
       - Configuring /bogus (c1t0d0s7)
       - Configuring /opt/mnt (c1t0d0s4)
       - Deselecting unmodified disk (c1t1d0)
       - Deselecting unmodified disk (c1t2d0)
       - Deselecting unmodified disk (c1t3d0)

Verifying disk configuration

Verifying space allocation
       - Total software size:  1446.54 Mbytes

Preparing system for Solaris install

Configuring disk (c1t0d0)
       - Creating Solaris disk label (VTOC)

Creating and checking UFS file systems
       - Creating / (c1t0d0s0)
       - Creating /var (c1t0d0s3)
       - Creating /opt/mnt (c1t0d0s4)
       - Creating /opt (c1t0d0s5)
       - Creating /usr (c1t0d0s6)
       - Creating /bogus (c1t0d0s7)

Beginning Solaris software installation

Starting software installation
       SUNWctlu.........................done.  1446.42 Mbytes
       SUNWjhdev........................done.    1.00 Mbytes remaining.

Completed software installation

Solaris 9 software installation succeeded

Customizing system files
       - Mount points table (/etc/vfstab)
       - Network host addresses (/etc/hosts)
       - Network host addresses (/etc/hosts)
WARNING: Could not set file attributes 

ERROR: Unable to copy a temporary file to it's final location

ERROR: System installation failed
Solaris installation program exited.
# uname -a
SunOS server1 5.10 Generic_118822-25 sun4v sparc SUNW,Sun-Fire-T200
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