SUMMARY: Connect two V890 directly via 1Gbit FC

From: Kassiem Jacobs <>
Date: Mon Mar 27 2006 - 15:02:45 EST

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Marcos Martinez Garcia <>
Claude Charest <>
"Lineberger, Aaron" <>
Hutin Bertrand <>

One can connect two V890s via 1Gbit FC cable. The FC cable has to be a "SC
to SC" cable and it has to be crossed. The price for such a third party
cable (2m long) is approx. CAD $70. 

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original question:

We have two identical V890s each with a 1Gbit FC port (onboard). I would
like to connect these two machines directly via the FC ports. Can that be
done, and if yes, do a need a 'straight' FC cable or would I need a
'crossed' FC cable? Would you know which type of cable I would need? I
have the choice from the following:
X9722A LC to SC FC Optical Cable, 2m
X9732A LC to LC FC Optical Cable, 2m
X973A SC to SC FC Optical Cable, 2m

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