SUMMARY: Sunfire V210 PSU failures

From: Rami Aubourg-Kaires <>
Date: Fri Mar 24 2006 - 03:51:04 EST
Hello, and thanks to all who replied.

I received eight replies to this, and seven of them reported the same 
problem on several V210's (no V240's). One person who had 5 V210's has 
had no problems whatsoever.
One person said there was a FIN coming out on this problem.

No one has had any problems with the replacement units.
It seems that there was a bad batch on these PSU's.

So, if you have a lot of older V210's, it could be a good idea to have a 
relpacement PSU handy if you have a doubt on your server room's air 
It took almost a week for Sun to replace this part because they were out 
of supply in Europe, which made me a bit nervous, as it was the first 
time it has taken them more than 24 h to react. They took the time to 
inform me in real time of the availability, though.

The PSU worked fine all that time without the fan, but my server room 
has good air conditioning.


> We've had two fan failures within a week on the power supplies of two 
> identical Sunfire V210's.
> Nothing dramatic, since the PSU works fine for quite a while without the 
> fan, given the amount of fans (and noise!) you have in this server.
> However, Googling for the same problem popped up quite a lot of similar 
> problems with Sunfire V210's.
> I was wondering whether other users had had the the same type of 
> problems with V210's or V240's, and whether it could be recurrent even 
> after the power supply replacement.
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