SUMMARY: show firmware of nic

From: Martin Pre▀laber <>
Date: Tue Mar 21 2006 - 11:12:54 EST
thanks for your answeres:

first, it is possible to see it in the OBP like i wrote in my first mail.

to see it in a running system, you could use:
# prtpicl -v -c network | grep version
	:version	 Sun PCI Gigaswift 1000Base-X FCode 2.12 04/04/22

thanks to

or 3rd:
# prtconf -pv | grep version
            version: 'Sun PCI Gigaswift 1000Base-X FCode 2.12 04/04/22'

thanks to Cesare and Pascal for the quick answere


hi mates,
is there a command or way to see which firmware my network card(s) has?
i could imaging that i would see it in the OBP (show-nets; cd
/...@../...; .properties) but is there a way to see it in solaris?

Solaris9 (09/05) on a V440 with GigaSwift Ethernet MMF (X4151A) adapters
(using ce drivers)

thanks in advance,
best regards


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