SUMMARY: Solaris inetd not honoring the "-t" flag

From: Johnson, Chad <>
Date: Mon Mar 20 2006 - 14:22:32 EST
Ok, so some more searching and I found this which

As of Solaris[TM] 9, using the "-t" flag with the inetd daemon is
superseded by the /etc/default/inetd file.

And then goes on to say:

For further information, refer to the Solaris[TM] 9 inetd man page.

And of course the man page says that -t works.  Ahh, the joy of out of
date / inaccurate documentation.

On solaris 9 9/05 (most recent 9_Recommended installed) inetd does not
seem to honor the -t flag.  I have modified /etc/init.d/inetsvc and
added the '-t' flag to the startup line for inetd, also I have verified
the correct logging settings necessary (daemon.notice) is set correctly
to log to /var/adm/messages in /etc/syslog.conf.

No inetd connection attempts are logged.  Thinking perhaps the -t flag
was in some way linked to the "ENABLE_CONNECTION_LOGGING" setting in
/etc/default/inetd I set the value in /etc/default/inetd to "YES".  This
did work, connection attempts were logged (following a restart of inetd)
to /var/adm/messages.  This led me to think that the flag in
/etc/default/inetd had to be "YES" for the -t flag to even work so I now
removed the "-t" flag from the inetd startup and rebooted.  The system
still logged connection attempts (as it should per the man page) because
of the setting in /etc/default/inetd.

This shows the system seems to completely ignore the "-t" flag to inetd
in Solaris 9.

Has anyone else had success using -t with inetd in Solaris 9?  The main
reason I ask is we have a large mix of 8 & 9 systems and I would like to
limit the checks / controls to a single item where possible.  It would
be nice to have this control state that "inetd must run with the -t
flag" instead of having to document separate controls for 8 & 9.


Chad Johnson

inetd(1M) From

The /etc/default/inetd file contains the following default parameter
settings. See FILES
e> .


Specifies whether incoming TCP connections are traced. The value
ENABLE_CONNECTION_LOGGING=YES is equivalent to the -t command-line
option. The default value for ENABLE_CONNECTION_LOGGING is NO.



Instructs inetd to trace the incoming connections for all of its TCP
services. It does this by logging the client's IP address and TCP port
number, along with the name of the service, using the syslog(3C)
<>  facility.
"Wait" wait-status services cannot be traced. When tracing is enabled,
inetd uses the syslog facility code daemon and notice priority level.
This logging is separate from the logging done by the TCP wrappers
facility. See FILES
e> .


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