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From: Gary Lopez <>
Date: Sun Mar 19 2006 - 20:14:19 EST
Everyone thanks for your response. I wrote the question in haste and did 
not get the answers I needed because the question was written 
incorrectly. Thanks to Darren Dunham for being kind enough to exchange 
e-mails with me to answer what I *really* needed to know..

Here is what I wrote originally ..
> Just a quick question. Is it possible to have 2 NIS servers or can you 
> only bind to one? Basically I have a primary NIS server in California 
> and a secondary in Chicago. Can I make the California a primary and 
> Chicago a secondary?

Here is what I revised to Darren with his responses..
> I wrote the question in haste and realize only in my mind did it make sense.
>> I basically have 2 NIS servers and want to know can I bind to both (i.e. 
>> one as a primary or one as a slave) or will NIS only allow me to bind to 
>> only one?

So a client only "binds" to one at a time, but you can specify several
and it will pick one.  If it becomes unavailable it will try the others.

> Sorta like failover, if one NIS server is unavailable will it go look at 
>> another?


When you set up the client with 'ypinit -c', you can specify one or more
servers.  It will bind to one, but will try the others if that fails.

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