SUMMARY: xhost + and PDFs and Java, Oh My!

From: Erek Adams <>
Date: Thu Mar 23 2006 - 13:15:40 EST
It seems that there are three options:

  1)  use Java 1.4 with the -Djava.awt.headless=true flags
  2)  Xvfb (default with Solaris 9+)
  3)  VNC

For running with the -Djava.awt.headless=true option, there are a couple
of caveats.  From a Java related page [0]:

	Headless operation doesn't allow use of GUI classes such as Java
Foundation Classes (Swing), but does allow the use of graphics rendering
APIs such as Java2D, Java3D, or JAI.

That same page has a very good breakdown of the problem and different
ways around it.  Also, I was pointed to these two pages [1], [2] that both
have some good info on them.

My solution looks to be running Xvfb or VNC.  I'll have to test them each
in the lab to see what works better for us.

Thanks to:

  Mark Round
  Jacob Ritorto
  Damian Wiest
  Jonathan Burelbach
  Bernd Schemmer
  Matthew Stier
  Jason Grove

  Mark Round
  Peter Ondruska

  Hutin Bertrand
  Bernd Schemmer
  Matthew Stier
  Eric Sisson

My original question:

On Thu, 23 Mar 2006, Erek Adams wrote:

> Problem:
>   A Java based web app on 'Box B' has a Java app that generates PDFs.
> However for this to work, 'Box B' must set it's DISPLAY to 'Box A'.  That
> means that we need a head on a box in the colo, and must have someone
> login to it and "xhost BoxB".
> Wish:
>   Remove 'Box A' since that's all it does, and free up a LOT of needed
> rack space.
>   Any pointers, clues, links, or sympathy cards are very much appreciated.
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