SUMMARY; How Do I Configure my Sun for Seagate DAT Tape Drive

From: Mark Nelson <>
Date: Thu Mar 16 2006 - 19:31:32 EST
Thanks to Bob Smart,

It works just fine as Bob said. Sometimes we forget the simple fixes.

It has been more than a few years but I never had to do anything other
than make sure the SCSI device number was 4 or 5 to get any SCSI 4mm or
8mm tape drive to work with SunOS 4.x (Solaris 1.x) I may have forgotten
something but did you try just hooking it up and using it?  I used at
least DEC & HP branded 4mm (maybe a Data General 4mm also), as well as
8mm from various sources.  Most of the drives actually came from a
couple actual manufacturers.  This was back in the days of DDS1 and DDS2
4mm standards.

Bob Smart (

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Subject: How Do I Configure my Sun for Seagate DAT Tape Drive

How do I configure my sun to use Seagate (Connor) CTD8000R-S 4mm DAT
tape drive? The installation manual doesn't give any of the necessary
information for modifying the st_conf.c and streg.h files. I have a
Sparc4 server running Solaris 1.1.1b. The drives are connected via an
Adataco external scsi rack. I tried to contact the Seagate web site, and
customer service, but they no longer support this tape drive. The
business was sold to Maxtor, but there is no information on the Maxtor
web site for this drive. I need to get this tape drive working as soon
as possible as the orignal EXB-4200 tape drive failed. Please help!
Send email and I will summarize to the list. Thanks

Mark Nelson
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