SUMMARY: Question on ps under Solaris.

From: <>
Date: Thu Mar 16 2006 - 15:02:12 EST
I ask:
" Hello Solaris users,
 I wonder some one help me to understand ps command on Solaris.
 What I am interresting is: 
 why /usr/ucb/ps command is having out put differnet than
 I CAN'T run /usr/bin/ps axuwwww
 but I can under /usr/ucb/ps
 Or /usr/ucb/ps -ef does not work, but
 /usr/bin/ps -ef does work.
 Thank you for your help.
 Tel. "

Your responds (consencous):

"/usr/ucb/ps" is came from BSD unix and

"/usr/bin/ps" is came from AT&T SVR4 which is for Sun.

So it is two different versions of ps. That why I see differences.

Well great list and Thank you. These users:

alexs <>
Darren Dunham <> 
Adam Levin <>
Pascal Grostabussiat <>
Eric Sisson <>
Jerry Stachowski <> 
"Catlin, Brian" <>
"Bonfieti Junior, Angelo" <> 

Again, I got it now.

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