SUMMARY: passwd file

From: Grant Lowe <>
Date: Fri Mar 10 2006 - 15:04:49 EST
Lots of people responded.  Too many to thank personally.  Many people suggested checking the startup scripts, running pwconv, and other things.  The answer came from  He said:
  sync the disk to force a write?
  I did that it worked.  The system is up and running.  Thanks again everybody!
  Original message:
  I have a 220R running Solaris 8 that is behaving really weird.
Basically when it comes up normally, it says "missing or bad passwd
entry for <root>'.  So I boot from cdrom into single-user mode. I
have to run fsck. Mount the volume.  There is no passwd file.  So I
copy one from a near identical machine and edit the file to make sure
it matches the shadow file.  Fine.  fsck the other volumes.  fsck
finishes. I do it a few more times for paranoia's sake, especially /.
It comes back clean.  So I reboot.  The cycle repeats.  I can't log
in as root since there is no root user.  Any ideas on what to do,
short of rebuilding the box?  Any help is greatly appreciated!
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