[summary] - EMC disks in Solaris 10 (X86)

From: Shyam Hazari <shazari_at_gmail.com>
Date: Tue Mar 07 2006 - 22:58:03 EST
Original Question :

Installed my 1st Solaris 10 host on a v20z and added to an EMC SAN. The
device names shows up as following.


These device names are weird. Any idea how to fix it ?

Thanx to Christopher McNabb,Mohammed Tanvir,Koef, Aaron Lineberger,Rainer
Heilke and Bob. I am including Bob's response which explains the reasons for
the weird device names.

*Bob <**wick@airmail.net* <wick@airmail.net>*> wrote:
Welcome to Ledville.  That's how the disks are named using the drivers from
Sun.  If you have Emulex cards you could rip out Ledville and load the LPFC
driver.  That would give you the names you are looking for.  I've gotten
used to these names by now.*

Thank you all

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