SUMMARY: Moving from SB 150 to SB 2000/Hardware issue

From: Christopher Singleton <>
Date: Tue Mar 07 2006 - 17:16:10 EST

          Thanks for all the responses on moving from a SB150 to a 
SB2000.  My original question was:

Can you swap a hard drive from a Sun Blade 150 (SPARC IIi) and put it 
into a Sun Blade 2000 (SPARC III)?

The answer is NO.  The SB150 uses IDE disks, and the 2000 uses FC-AL 
disks, so they are incompatible.  I did get a few suggestions on the 
best way to migrate, though:


However, the is an easy was to migrate.

Ensure you have SUNWsan packages installed.
Patch the SB150 to the hilt.

Create a FLAR of you SB150 to a disk that is separate from the actual 
system (NFS mounted are on another system) Ensure you get at least the OS.

Now setup the new SB1000/SB2000 by booting from CD/DVD
When the systen asks from whay you wish to load, state FLAR

 From here on, spec the partitioning etc.

Now start load

Have coffee/tea/soda

1 1 hr later, check & test - you should be done.

That's it.

Proceed to next system to migrate.


And another suggestion about jumpstarting:


There are significant differences between the two systems and it's likely that there will be too much missing from your UltraIIbased install to suport the UltraIII.
How about building a jumpstart server on your 150 to load the new stuff?


I'll be trying the FLAR so we'll see how that goes.  Thanks to Joe Fletcher, Scott Spencer, Matthew Stier, Casper Dik, Ian McGinley, David Markowitz and  Cheers,

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