SUMMARY: External disks not visible after OS upgrade (liveupgrade method)

From: Sun Admin <>
Date: Tue Feb 28 2006 - 17:34:24 EST
Dear managers, 

I got the solution of my problem related to external disks
not visible after OS upgrade (liveupgrade method).
I asked:

On Mon, 27
Feb 2006 Sun Admin wrote :
>Dear managers,
>I have upgraded OS of my 6800
box from Solaris 8 to Solaris 9 using liveupgrade method. But the problem is
that, on Solaris 9 OS, I am not able to see my all hdd's which are visible on
Solaris 8 (original environment). I am not sure whether it is because of some
storage driver issue or some other problem. I have some disks from EMC and
some disks are from hitachi storages.
>I tried to find the details of
storage drivers, which are as follows:
>OS Version
HBAnywhere version       lpfc version
>Solaris 8
env              1.0a8                    5.01e
>Solaris 9 env
1.0a8                    5.01e
>I am not
sure about the compactibility of these drivers with Solaris 9 OS. Do I need to
upgrade or reinstall these so that I may be able to see all my disks in format
command output? I have already tried devfsadm command but no luck.
anybody faced such type of problem after OS upgrade? Please suggest.
>Sun Admin

..........And the culprit was sd.conf file :-).

liveupgrade, the sd.conf file is kept as default configuration file and will
not be upgraded unless we copy-paste it from the original boot environment.
(This is not documented anywhere, but I heard similar cases from some other
guys also,,, I am not recalling where from).

Thanks to all who paid attention
and replied to my query. 

Special thanks goes to: 
1. Baker,Darryl
He suggested: "Did you make sure your sd.conf changes
are on the new root drive?"

2. Thomas M.Payerle <> 
3. Tom Grassia <>

Best regards,
Sun Admin
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