SUMMARY: SunVTS will not start tests

From: Al Saenz <>
Date: Mon Feb 27 2006 - 17:56:54 EST
Sorry about wasting bandwidth

Only the vts frame work was installed.

Well at least you guys know that if you don't get anything in your
System Map, you don't have all the vts components installed.
It works now.

Stupid me, I am still very new at this.

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Subject: SunVTS will not start tests

Hi Managers,

Just wondering if any of you had an problems running SunVTS for x86?
I installed the x86 version, didn't see any errors.
I started the application and it comes up just fine, using vtstty and

I try to start a test but all I get is this

(G3-b-TEST)Testing completed:  0 pass(es), 0 error(s)
press [ESC] to dismiss

The elapse time starts at 1 second pauses then jumps to 4 seconds stops
goes to idle. Then the above message is displayed.

The funny thing is, nothing is displayed in the system map, no memory,
processor, network or anything (status and test group).
I run sunvts all the time on SPARC, it is very simple to use, but never
anything like this.

Thanks for any tips
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