From: Sal Serafino <>
Date: Thu Feb 23 2006 - 18:10:59 EST
Thanks to Rainer Heilke and Erek Adams, who each suggested this is a case of 
public vs. private patches, but that's not it.  Erek also suggested that I run 
'smpatch get' to be sure that I wasn't just looking at "recommended" in the 
patchdb.  That wasn't it, either, but a very good suggestion!

The answer is that my script is looking for the absence of "CURRENT" in the 
"Latest Revision" column of the output of patchdiag, and if it's not then it 
will indicate this patch is not current.  Here is some output where my script 
thinks that 108725 needs to be updated:

108714    08     CURRENT  CDE 1.4: libDtWidget patch
108723    01     CURRENT  SunOS 5.8: /kernel/fs/lofs and /kernel/fs/sparcv9/lofs
108725    22        21    SunOS 5.8: st driver patch

The answer is, my script needs to be changed so that if the latest revision is 
not "CURRENT" then test if it's greater than the installed revision.  I did too 
much RTFM


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Hi Gurus-

So, I run "smpatch" with the 'analyze,' 'download,' 'update,' and 'add' commands 
to get a list of what needs to be added.  Consistently, smpatch does not add a 
particular patch when explicitly listed via '-x idlist=<file>' but it does work 
via '-i <patch-id>'.  OK, so I can live with that.

Now I have an Ultra-5 running the latest-greatest 5.8 according to smpatch, but 
when I tried to compare it to what I was used to with "patchdiag" I have a list 
of patches that smpatch didn't even look at, and MANY of the latest patches that 
smpatch installed are out of date according to patchdiag.

So, what gives?


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