SUMMARY: DVD device problem

From: kuup <>
Date: Thu Feb 23 2006 - 15:11:03 EST

The solution came from "dersmythe", mentioning a DVD hardware problem I
wasn't aware of.
The next URL leads to a description of the problem and the necessary
Thanks, D!

And thanks Fabio, for the needed OBP commands to freshen up nvramrc
(including my rusty brain):

clear nvramrc
and boot -r



> Hi managers,
> I don't use my DVD drive very often, but the last time I did it worked
> it should on my Ultra60.
> But now, when I put in solaris 9 CD1 into the DVD player now, nothing
> happens.
> The device is not dead: the yellow lamp blinks once or twice, and I can
> some spinning around inside.
> Then there is silence.
> The CD itself is allright since I use it on other machines.
> So I disabled volmgt and did a manual mount of the CD
> $ mount -F hsfs -o ro /dev/dsk/c0t4d0s0 /cdrom
> mount: /dev/dsk/c0t4d0s0 no such device
> To be sure of the fysical connection I checked:
> $ cfgadm -al
> Ap_Id                          Type         Receptacle   Occupant    
> Condition
> c0                             scsi-bus     connected    configured  
> unknown
> c0::dsk/c0t0d0                 disk         connected    configured  
> unknown
> c0::dsk/c0t1d0                 disk         connected    configured  
> unknown
> c0::dsk/c0t4d0                 CD-ROM       connected    configured  
> unknown
> c1                             scsi-bus     connected    unconfigured
> unknown
> c3                             scsi-bus     connected    unconfigured
> unknown
> c4                             scsi-bus     connected    unconfigured
> unknown
> So the device is there and there is a connection.
> Then I checked for errors of any kind:
> $iostat -En
> c0t4d0          Soft Errors: 1 Hard Errors: 0 Transport Errors: 0 
> Vendor: TOSHIBA  Product: DVD-ROM SD-M1401 Revision: 1007 Serial No:  
> Size: 0.00GB <0 bytes>
> We 've got ourselves a soft error here...
> So I went to take a look on the low level, went to the OK prompt, and
> OK>boot cdrom -s
> Boot device: /pci@1f,4000/scsi@3/disk@4,0:f
> Can't open boot device
> Then I did the next checks:
> OK>probe-scsi all
> Target 4
> Unit 0 Removeable Read Only Device Toshiba DVD-ROM SD-M14011007
> OK> printenv
> nvramrc	    devalias cdrom /pci@1f,4...  (the dots are litterally there)
> OK> devalias cdrom
> /pci@1f,4000/scsi@3/disk@4,0:f
> Since my OBP skills are very rusty, I find myself out of options what to
> next, or what to check.
> Could a change of alias be the solution here?
> If yes, then I should have to know where to change to...
> I hope you guru's can help out on this one.
> Much obliged.
> Kuba

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 - Eric Allman

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