SUMMARY: Which Solaris do you recommend to a DNS server

From: Laszlo Szalai <>
Date: Wed Feb 22 2006 - 07:32:54 EST
Dear Managers,

Thank you for all who helped with their ideas.

The answer is: 

Definitely the latest Solaris 10 because :

- There is no reason using older versions
- that way you could use zoning to allow you segregate the 4 different
- Solaris10 (03/05 or 01/06) work OK on Ultra5 

Thanx again, I will install Solaris 10


>Dear Managers,
>I have a spare Ultra 5 machine which I would like to use as a DNS
>server because it has 4 NIC's. So I can provide DNS on different

>What Solaris version do you recommend in this scenario ?

>Thank your for your suggestion

>Will summarize,
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