SUMMARY: Solaris 9 NFS (or network) crashes

From: Ric Anderson <ric_at_Opus1.COM>
Date: Fri Feb 17 2006 - 09:40:12 EST
I got one response from David Foster []
who reported no problems in a mixed Solaris 8/9/10 
environment.  My guess is this has something to do with
my client/server mix.  The problem only exists with 
Solaris 9, so I guess we'll stick with Solaris 8 for


Original Message:
> I have a group of NFS clients (Solaris 8) that have been 
> talking to my Linux NFS server with no problems for many
> months.  One of the Solaris 8 systems (an UltraSparc 60)
> was unused, so I wiped it clean, and installed Solaris 9
> (09/05 media)+recommended patch cluster.  Once I added 
> the 20 or so user accounts that NFS mount their home
> directories, and started a cron job that looks in ~/.plan,
> ~/.project, and ~/.signature for each user to supplement
> its word list for checking for really bad passwords, the
> Solaris 9 system began Panicing about 3 nights out of 7.
> I rebuilt the same box with Solaris 8 (02/02 media)+
> recommended patch cluster and the Ultra-60 is stable
> as a rock again.
> Our local net is busy around midnight when this job runs, 
> so all of the NFS clients grumble "NFS server homer not
> responding" followed by "NFS server homer ok" occasionally.
> The Solaris 9 client adds to this things like
>  WARNING: NFS server homer returned a bad file type for root
>  panic[cpu0]/thread=300018a8ac0:
>  BAD TRAP: type=34 rp=2a1005709d0 addr=28c407a82b mmu_fsr=0
> or
>  BAD TRAP: type=31 rp=2a1003d1550 addr=10 mmu_fsr=0 occurred \
>   in module "unix" due to a NULL pointer dereference
> Has anyone seen Solaris 9 NFS clients falling over in cases 
> where Solaris 8 clients don't?  I've pawed thru Sun's patch
> database without getting anywhere.
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