SUMMARY: Sun StorEdge L9 Tape and Solaris X86 (SunFire x-series)

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Date: Fri Feb 10 2006 - 12:37:46 EST
I only got one reply, but it completely answered my question.

Thank you Michael.

Answer below:

you won't be able to attach the StorEdge L9 to the X4100, because the L9
requires an addin HVD SCSI controller which is *only* available as a PCI
card. The X4100 has only PCI-X slots.

Please review the X4100 page in the Sun System Handbook (this is a direct
link to the SCSI section). The only listed SCSI controller is
with the L9. Never attach a HVD SCSI device to a LVD/SE SCSI controller,
this can damage both the controller and the device !

A side note: The Sun StorEdge L9 is a re-branded HP 1/9 with was available
with an Ultrium 2 drive. The "original" HP 1/9 has a LVD/SE interface with
works perfectly with the listed Sun SCSI controller (and any other LVD/SE
SCSI controller). About 3 years ago we had two of these at our company
attached to a Sun F280R and some PC servers.

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> I apologize for a repost, but I had a bad MX DNS entry on the domain,
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> Has anyone been able to hook up Storedge L9 tape library to a solaris
> box? (x4100 in our case)
> Any links, or other potential info is appreciated.
> Any alternative ideas (other comparable tape devices) would be fine too.
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