SUMMARY: Jumpstart Error

From: Donovan, Jeffrey \(Jeff\), ALABS <>
Date: Thu Feb 09 2006 - 00:09:27 EST
Summary: Typo on my part. I added a finish script to the profile line in
the rules file but didn't delete the - that was there so it looked like

hostname jumpclient - profile_jumpclient - finish_sol10

when it should look like this:

hostname jumpclient - profile_jumpclient finish_sol10

Thanks to Anand Chouthai for pointing me into the right direction.

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One of the reasons I can think of is if the check file under /jumpstart
old i.e from solaris 2.6 or 2.7 where flash was not available. I see
you are trying to flash solaris 8 server which requires newer check file
which you can find it on solaris 8 or 9 media.

Hope it helps

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                                       Jumpstart Error

             02/08/2006 01:35


Hi all,

Jumpstarting a server that I have jumped many times and all of a sudden
I get this error when it reads the profile:

Executing begin script "profile_jumpclient"...

/tmp/install_config/profile_jumpclient: install_type: not found

/tmp/install_config/profile_jumpclient: archive_location: not found

/tmp/install_config/profile_jumpclient: partitioning: not found

/tmp/install_config/profile_jumpclient: filesys: not found

/tmp/install_config/profile_jumpclient: filesys: not found

/tmp/install_config/profile_jumpclient: filesys: not found

Begin script profile_jumpclient failed with return value "1".

The profile has all these values set. This is the profile that is
mounted to the client during the jumpstart:

# pg /tmp/install_config/profile_jumpclient

install_type    flash_install

archive_location nfs

partitioning    explicit

filesys         c1t0d0s0 free  /

filesys         c1t0d0s1 4000 swap

filesys         c1t0d0s6 8000 /var

This is the most basic profile I have and it has worked before and I
have tried other profiles. I have jumpstarted dozens of servers and
never saw this message before. Any help would be appreciated.


*            Jeff Donovan
*            AT&T Labs
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