From: Francisco Puente <>
Date: Fri Feb 03 2006 - 15:24:58 EST
Thanks a bunch to all the people that helped me here:

Casper Dik
Bob Rahe
J. A. Landamore
Jonathan Birchall

I knew the noexec_user_stack shouldn't be requested for running the
installation but it does.

Some suggested to remove the check, and finally Bob Rahe who seems to
have 10g running on Solaris 8 recommended "Oracle installed fine even
with the warning.  Just click next(!)."

I've tried the installation myself and it worked just fine :) , the
installer shows the 'checking noexec_user_stack ...PASSED!" while the
prerequisites script fails. Oracle 10g installed!

Thanks to the list!


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Subject: NOEXEC_USER_STACK not applying?

Hello List,

We are in the process of installig Oracle 10g on Solaris 8 Sparc.
One the checks/requirements from 10g is to set NOEXEC_USER_STACK in the
kernel as:

set noexec_user_stack = 1

Then, after rebooting, it checks for this value by doing:

NOEXEC_USER_STACK=`/etc/sysdef | /usr/bin/grep NOEXEC_USER_STACK |
/usr/bin/awk '{print $1}'`

I've set this up in the server, but it continues to fail while running
the prerequisites check, because the above command returns empty.

The question is: is the noexec_user_stack being accepted by the system?
Why is the check failing?

Anyone has experienced this in the past?

I'll summarize.

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