Summary: ulimit -t don't act as intended?

From: Gérard Henry <>
Date: Thu Feb 02 2006 - 03:41:29 EST
i apologize for this late (incomplete) summary
thanks to all people:
aaron Lineberger
Crist Clark
Anthony Florendo
Rich Kuliawec
Darren Dunhem

aaron points me that:
"firefox also a wrapper that calls
firefox-bin? You may want to make sure it's not resetting the umask
vales that you have set"
i verify with plimit <pid> and it's not the case

Darren Dunham said me to test with a shell script and it works well

Cris Clark asked if Firefox catching the SIGXCPU on its own?
Test with     # kill -XCPU 3651
and firefox died
he also suggested:
"You may want to run firefox under truss(1) to see if it is changing its
CPU limit on its own. "
i didn't do it at now

PS: prstat shows elapsed time and ps show start time

Here is my initial post:
> i have a wrapper around some apps, as in:
> #!/bin/sh
> ulimit -t 3600
> /usr/local/firefox/firefox "${@}"
> but i notice:
>   3651 user1     212M  108M cpu2    20    0  21:00:44  11% firefox-bin/4
> firefox runs since 21 hours, if i understand well
> Where am i wrong?
> Thanks in advance for help,
> gerard
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