summary:Solaris 9 and crash limits

From: Mario <>
Date: Tue Jan 31 2006 - 04:23:41 EST
Thanks to everyone that replied.  Most people had valid points to make and
the varied responses just goes to show what a contentious issue this is.
Anyway, a big thanks to Musa and Brad - I think I'll be using a solution
based on the following:

 "They have changed the swap requirements to be about half of what
you have installed.   So about 6-8 gig swap is more than enough.  Your
crash area depends on what you want saved.  Crash can (if configured so)
can dump all the pages in memory, so at 16Gig that is a ton of info
(most of it may be useless).  I would say set it to about 4 gig just in
case you forget to delete the old dump files once or twice."

I'm going to mirror swap ("have the usual faster read/slower write
trade-offs, but if one disk fails, you can stay up w/o interruption.")

I also read the following -

"In order to minimise the impact of paging as much as possible, swap areas
should be configured on the fastest possible disks.  The swap partition
should be on a low numbered slice...." (System Performance Tuning 2nd
Edition, O'Reilly).

So on 146GB disks:

s0, / will be 10GB (incorporating /usr and /opt)
s1, swap will be 8GB
s3, /var will be 10GB (incorporating crash area)
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