SUMMARY: boot command disabled error

From: Bhavesh Shah <>
Date: Mon Jan 23 2006 - 15:14:44 EST
Many thanks to

Brad Heck

The answer is:
You interrupted the boot process of running memory checks, etc before it was complete..
set auto-boot? to false and then power off and back on the server..." or reset-all at the OK prompt.

My original question was:

>Hi Gurus,
> I am trying to jumpstart Sun Fire V240 and getting following error:
>1} ok boot net - install
>   FATAL: system is not bootable, boot command is disabled
>Here is my OpenBoot parameters for boot:
>local-mac-address?    true                           true
>auto-boot?            true                           true
>boot-command          boot                           boot
>boot-device           disk0:a net                    disk net
>I tried googling for this error but no avail.
>AM i missing something in OpenBoot?
>Best regards
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