SUMMARY: Jumpstart flash Archive doubt

From: Bhavesh Shah <>
Date: Tue Jan 17 2006 - 20:33:54 EST
Hi Gurus,

Thanks to Darren Dunham for his Quick Response.
The answer is:

"You always run add_install_client on the boot server for the jumpstart.
The flash should work, but I would recommend always using a jumpstart
client image more recent than the flash image.  In other words, I would
want a Solaris 10 jumpstart image to install a Solaris 10 flash."

My Original Question was:

>I have setup a Jumpstart Server to use Flash Archive Soalris 9. In my 
>old Jumpstart i used to use add_install_client from 
>/jumpstart/OS/Solaris_9_09-05/Solaris_9/Tools to add client. Now with 
>Flash Archive (archive_location   nfs 
> in 
>profile from which location to run add_install_client? Do i have to run 
>set_install_server for Solaris 9 or copy add_install_client from Soalris 
>CD and run from any location?
>Pelase help.
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