Summary - Wrong disk size

From: Shyam Hazari <>
Date: Tue Jan 17 2006 - 13:02:30 EST
I got one response which is to reboot the host. I googled around and found
the answer on Sunmanagers archive.

format-->select disk--->type--->autoconfigure (option 0). This resets the
geometry of the disk. The meta head was reclaimed from an old host causing
it to see the old disk size.

Lesson learnt is to search the archive/google with proper phrase.



Original Question:

I created two six member 48 GB metas ( size 8GB) on a Sunfire v880, Solaris
9.0 server connected to a DMX1000. One meta  shows up fine as 48GB. But the
second one is only 16GB. inq/syminq reports the
meta size as 48GB, but format reports it as 16GB.  Is there a fix without
rebooting the server ?  I have seen this happen before when I created a
1.2TB LUNs(for Netbackup DSSUs) and a reboot fixed it. Reboot is a last
option as it is a production server.
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