Summary : Sun Blade 1500 largest IDE disk

From: Marcelino Mata <>
Date: Mon Jan 16 2006 - 17:48:36 EST
Unfortunately, management went for SunBlade2500 since they would be 100%
supported by Sun so I can not test the solutions proposed on
SunBlade1500.  However, it does not seem the problem is Solaris 8 IDE
driver issue.  One person reported no issues with 200Gb disks under
Solaris 8/Ultra10 and Solaris8/blade150 with Tadpole "fixdisk" Solaris
2.6 driver.  Another person had no problems with large disk with Ultra10
and OpenBSD.  OBP upgrade will be required is some cases.  One user
reported no problem with 250Gb HD on sunblade150 under Solaris 9 and 10.

It seems the Tadpole "fixdisk" driver has been removed from Tadpoles
support site but if your ask nicely, someone might e-mail out :-)

Many thanks to the following for responding:

Pablo Jejcic
Musa Williams
Ray Mccaffity
William Chow
Bob Wick
Paul Greidanus


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>Subject: Sun Blade 1500 largest IDE disk
>I have searched everywhere and it seems Sun Blade 1500's with
>Solaris 8 are limited to 137Gb HD with IDE.  Can anyone
>confirm or deny this?  Sun only supports 120Gb HD on the 1500.
> According to some postings the
>issue is limitation with Solaris 8 IDE driver not Sun blade 1500.   I
>need to purchase a 2500 or 1500 and the HD size has become an issue.
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