Summary: a backup site with another nis master (need your feedback)

From: regatta <>
Date: Sun Jan 15 2006 - 04:57:03 EST
Hi everyone,

Here is what we did and it's working fine for us (we still in the test phase)

1. Create NIS slaves for your Master (in Datacenter #1 and #2 ) and
let all your clients point to the slaves (nothing point to the master)

2. Make the NIS Master subnet stretched between the two data centers.

3. When the datacenter #1 down (which it has NIS Master) switch one of
your slave in datacenter #2 to NIS Master with the same hostname and
IP address of the NIS Master

4. when your datacenter #1 is back, you have to change the new NIS
Master (that you did in step 3) to nis slave again and to copy all
your change from it to your original NIs master that is back again,

I know it's sound to be difficult but this is the only way to make
sure your NIS Master is up all the time and you can update your NIS
maps even if your primary site is down.

if someone don't want to update his NIS Maps even if his primary site
is down then you JUST NEED nis slaves in the both datacenters.

Best Regards,
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