SUMMARY: remote ufsdump to share tape drive

From: Z H <>
Date: Thu Jan 12 2006 - 16:34:51 EST
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Chamkura, Balki" <>

The trick is to use mt rew before issing mt fsf command.

I used mt fsf alone and it always give me I/O error.

The fsf will position the tape drive to next ufsdump.  If you have more than
one ufsdump, make sure you count them accordingly.



Here is the original question:

TO All Helpers:

Platform: E450 system running Solaris 2.8

Two servers (A and B)
Server A has a tape drive. Wanting to ufsdump the file systems from 
Server B and append the dump to server A after server A completes its 


I was able to do ufsdump from server A to tape drive without problem.

But when issing ufsdump remotely from server B to A, the ufsdump will 
overwrite the Server A ufsdump dump.

I have tried to mt -f /dev/rmt/0 eom after ufsdump from server A either 
from Server A or rsh from Server B but it does not help.

Any tip to make it work will be greatly appreciated.

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