SUMMARY: Setting up mail on a Solaris Server (Darren Cuddy)

From: Darren Cuddy <>
Date: Thu Jan 12 2006 - 12:08:30 EST
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From: "Darren Cuddy" <>

Subject: Setting up mail on a Solaris Server

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Dear Sun Managers,

I am trying to set up an automatic mailing of support reports from one of

our servers on a customer site

I have tried but to no avail using sendmail configuration and was wondering

if someone could talk me through this from scratch?


Architecture is:


A single Solaris server maintained by us

An SMTP gateway maintained by the customer


I need to send mail from the server externally to our support teams

I have tried many different iterations of the same thing and just can't get

it to work?




Many replies (along with the flurry of 'out of office' autos) all hinged on
the same thing


/etc/mail/ includes the lines for 'smart' relay


# "Smart" relay host (may be null)   


Where was the fully qualified name for the customer
SMTP gateway server


An entry for this was also placed in my /etc/inet/hosts file



#          MAIL SMTP Gateway Server

#       smtpgateway



Stop and restart sendmail


pkill -HUP sendmail


All of which I'd tried before but which had failed


/usr/lib/sendmail -v </dev/null


Reported that the mail was queued on but I never
got it.

Your replies confirmed I wasn't going mad so tried emailing to an internal
account of the customer


/usr/lib/sendmail -v </dev/null


Which they reported getting without delay


So in the end it is permissions on the customer SMTP gateway server which I
need to sort out


Thanks for all the replies and sorry if I've done a 'suck eggs' explanation
here but thought it best to keep it as complete but simple as possible


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