SUMMARY: Dependency difficulties with SUNWCreq install on Solaris 10

From: Greg Chavez <>
Date: Wed Jan 11 2006 - 10:27:31 EST
Thank you to DK, Winter, and Damian West for their responses.  They
didn't really address the meat of my problem... but their advice was
compelling nevertheless.

> My ultimate question is this:  What is the minimum dependency
> requirement to augment a Solaris 10 SUNWCreq install with packages
> from disks 2 through 4?

The Solaris 10 Webstart installation is a breeze...  until you get the
software selection screens.  After all these years, Sun has yet to
inject this part of the installation with much flexibility,
automation, or user-proofing.  All I wanted to do was start with a
minimum SUNWCreq cluster and then add only what packages I expected to
use.  Each customization, however, triggers dependency warnings that
number from one to over twenty other packages *per addition*.  And
then those dependencies have dependencies... and so on.  Ignoring
these warnings - particularly those for Java VM, will prevent the
install program from passing the baton to Disks 2, 3, and 4.

My question, rephrased: what packages are needed to allow a custom
SUNWCreq install to continue past the first disk?  Here is the answer:

Java VM
  JDK 5.0 Runtime (SUNWj5rt)
Motif Runtime Kit (SUNWmfrun)
X Runtime Environment
  X Windows System & Graphical Runtime Library Links in /usr/lib (SUNWxwrtl)
  X ICE Components (SUNWxwice)
  X System Platform Software (SUNWxwplt)
  X System Platform Software Configuration (SUNWxwplr)
Font Server Cluster
  X Window System platform required fonts (SUNWxwfnt)
Portable layout services for Complex Text Layout support (SUNWctpls)

Seems a bit much, considering the fact that installation beyond disk
one is entirely text-based.  But if you want, say "core + online man
pages", you will also need these.  Depending on what other package
additions you make, you can safely remove these after the install

If you have the patience - which I did not during the first go-around
- this knowledge can be easily gained by carefully reading each
dependency warning and understanding that most packages are selected
inside a nested group.    To that extent, I confess to having been a
bit of a baby about this.


On 12/25/05, Greg Chavez <> wrote:
> My ultimate question is this:  What is the minimum dependency
> requirement to augment a Solaris 10 SUNWCreq install with packages
> from disks 2 through 4?  The background follows.
> When I attempt a core install - SUNWCreq - on Solaris 10 (sparc) and
> add packages via the custom install option, I find that I am unable to
> add services, man pages, and other packages essential to the functions
> for which the system is required to perform without running into
> debilitating dependency problems.  I haven't had to do a core install
> in many years - the last time, I was working with Solaris 8 and none
> of this was an issue then.
> Clearly, the install program requires some java (the "VM" - SUNWj3r
> and/or SUNWj5t) - if you don't include them, you are not prompted for
> CDs 2 and 4, which contain virtually all of the extras you might want,
> things like Bind and Apache.  But the java packages cry out for many
> other packages like X11, Motif, and other seemingly unnecessary
> software.  I end up with over 30-40 packages I don't want and have to
> remove later.  A minor annoyance, perhaps, but by eliciting the
> opinions and experiences of other Sun admins, I hope to describe a
> more efficient, deterministic path to a core-plus installation.
> Please help to ensure a seminal and enduring holiday summary.
> --Greg Chavez
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