SUMMARY: Logging on to Solaris 9

From: rumbidzayi gadhula <>
Date: Tue Jan 10 2006 - 08:25:19 EST
Thanks to the following for their responses
  Michael Sullivan                     Chawla Girish-QGC002           Brewer, Dwight R. CONTRACTOR 
  the funny thing is when i tried again (after trying and trying and trying) to connect using the hyperterminal i could log on , for no reason at all no error messages appeared. weird isn't it.

rumbidzayi gadhula <> wrote:
        hi all
  i just configured SSH on my solaris server and permitted root login but now i can't login. hitting the caps lock key shows the keyboard is working fine but i cannot type in anything into the system.
  i get the following prompt 
  server console login:
  where i cannot login as nothing happens when i hit any of the keys on the keyboard.
  when i use the hyperterminal i get the same prompt but this time i can type in the username which is root but i the n get some error message saying incorrect login even though root is a valid account. i don't even get a prompt for the password.
  as it is i cannot get into the server.
  please help

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