SUMMARY: Upgrade to Solaris 10??

From: Michael Stitzel <>
Date: Mon Dec 19 2005 - 00:07:46 EST
I am surprised at the responses! SUN has a great product called 
LiveUpgrade, I just worked on the project hacking Veritas for it so I
am fairly familiar with the package. You can make your system a dual 
boot if you like and keep Solaris 9 as well as install Solaris 10.
The author, Gary Geere, did a fantastic job on this package! If you 
choose to go this way, you must first remove your Solaris 9 SUNWluu
and SUNWlur packages and install the new versions from the Solaris 10 
software, also check for patches.

Michael K. Stitzel
Received on Mon Dec 19 00:07:49 2005

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