SUMMARY: Solaris yppasswd not liking a HP-UX yp master

From: Steven Hill <>
Date: Sun Oct 09 2005 - 06:32:21 EDT
With many thanks to all who replied, unfortunately none of your 
suggestions worked. However, it did lead my colleagues and I to figure 
out what it was...

Password ageing on HP-UX. (Hack, Spit).

The YP master passwd file has a password field like this:


The Sun gear is not happy with the ,age (I think SOlaris wants to be 
doing that in a shadow file or something).

In short, we either have to stop using password ageing on our HP-UX yp 
master (not happening) or rebuild a lot of things (not happening 

So, we fudged it. There's now a script on the Sun boxes telling people 
they are about to be logged in to a HP-UX box where they should change 
their passwords.

Thanks for your suggestions (and out of office replies. My life is 
complete knowing you weren't at work).



On Mon, 26 Sep 2005, Steven Hill wrote:

> I have a Solaris 8 box (well, several actually) and none of them will allow 
> users to change their NIS passwords using yppasswd:
> stevhill@tay$ yppasswd
> yppasswd: Changing password for stevhill
> Enter existing login password:
> yppasswd: Sorry, wrong passwd
> Permission denied
> Now, our NIS master is a HP-UX 11.00 box, and is not likely to be changed due 
> to the number of HP boxes we have on site. Also, Linux boxes are happy 
> enough.
> Do any of you chaps and chapettes have a workaround (other than logging into 
> one of the HP-UX hosts to change a password) or advice on some way of working 
> round this on a more permanent basis? It's obviously not a show stopper, but 
> it's annoying me now.

Steven Hill

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