SUMMARY: df -h shows disk full

From: Will Dowling <>
Date: Fri Sep 23 2005 - 07:07:51 EDT
Sorry I just solved it as I sent this email.
It turns out there was a rogue proc dumping core
into /export/home every few seconds.
I killed it, deleted all the core files and boom, back
down to 19GBs.


> Hey all,
> I have got a big problem. I am running Solaris 9
> on a v880 with several disks. 
> /export/home is mirrored at 38GB.
> It filled up the other day so I began moving most of the
> content out. Now it is nearly empty but df -h still
> shows it as being full. 
> I ran fsck a few times with no luck.
> I umount, mounted it with no luck.
> metastat shows the disks to be ok.
> Running lsof looking to see if there's any rogue processes
> showed nothing.
> Rebooting didn't do anything either.
> Has anybody ever come across this problem before??
> Will summarize!!
> Regards,
>  Will
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