Summary: Patch 111606-05 for Solaris8 requires a valid Sun Service Plan

From: Gold Sun <>
Date: Tue Sep 13 2005 - 00:30:40 EDT
Thanks to ISU System Admin, I've got the patch 111606-06
(strange that -05 needs maintenance service while -06 doesnt)
BTW, just one last question :
Does anyone know what's the equivalent for 111606 for
Solaris 9 & 10?  Is there a website that translates it for
you?  I searched for "in.ftpd" & "ftpd" at
(selecting Solaris 9 this time) & it says "invalid patch id".

Thanks again
Please check again at the Sunsolve website (
going to the patch portal and entering the base number of the
patch (111606) for the search.  You should find that it is a publicly
available patch (111606-06).

Document Audience:	PUBLIC
Document ID:	111606-06
Title:	SunOS 5.8: /usr/sbin/in.ftpd patch
Update Date:	Wed Jan 12 09:39:51 MST 2005


ISU Systems Administrator

Gold Sun <> wrote:Hi,

My boss is pressing me to apply the patch for the coming

I've been downloading numerous patches previously from
all these while but for patch 111606-05, when I entered it into
the "search" field, it returns with a page saying it requires
"SunSolve users with a valid Sun Service Plan".

Can anyone who has access to it kindly zip it up, & email
me the patch 111606-05 (or higher).

G Sun

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