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From: Steve Nelson <sanelson_at_gmail.com>
Date: Thu May 05 2005 - 03:39:48 EDT
Hello All,

Firstly apologies for straying off topic, as gently reminded by Crist Clark

I think I'd got my knickers in a twist. Of course mail aliases are for
local delivery.  When I saw the line beginning with 'MAILER-DAEMON' of
course I understood that that meant it was a message generated by
sendmail itself.  What I hadn't put together was the (obvious) point
that the /etc/mail/aliases file is really only for forwarding local
mail to somewhere (anywhere), and the fact that there is a
MAILER-DAEMON alias has nothing to do with who the message is from.

My train of thought was:

When mail is sent -to- MAILER-DAEMON, I treat that as
postmaster@localhost, why not say the say, that when mail is generated
-by- MAILER-DAEMON, treat it as postmaster@localhost.

I'd already concocted a little script to find/replace aliased users in
the output, but wondered if it was possible to do this in sendmail.

Thanks to Scott Sorrentino and and Rich Kulawiec for their patient
mails putting my brain back into gear.

Steve Nelson
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