SUMMARY: WARNING: interrupt level 6 not serviced

From: Two Dog Flats <>
Date: Wed Apr 20 2005 - 09:49:32 EDT
Hello all,

Well, I have only received two responses.

Rich Bishop replied that he sees these error messages occasionally with
his v100 servers, but they've not caused any problems.  He opened a
ticket with Sun when it first occured, and they didn't really offer any
help (beyond the network interface/driver explanation).

Gaziz Nugmanov stated that as far as he can remember that similar
warnings showed up on his systems several years ago and after talking
to sun it turned out they are harmless, something related to scsi

The only other data I can provide seems to indicate that it might be
SCSI disk driver issue.  About 70% of the message times coincide with
cron jobs that start disk activity (tripwire, backups, etc.).  For now,
I will monitor the servers and see if the frequency of the messages
increases.  If anyone has more info, please send it along and I will be
more than happy to post a revised summary.

Original Message:

I have seen this error in the messages file on multiple machines after
deploying the Recommended Patch Cluster dated March 29, 2005.  I did
not see any of these during our testing before rolling out these
patches to 20+ production servers.  All of these servers are either
Netra T1 or SunFire V120 servers, Solaris 8, 512 MB memory, 2-36 GB
SCSI drives and either qfe or GigaSwift ce quad Ethernet cards.

I searched the archives and Googled for the error with the result that:

A.  Interrupt 6 typically refers to a network driver issue (but not
always), and

B.  If anyone else has seen this lately, they haven't figured it out or
posted a summary.

I will be more than happy to summarize if someone can point me in the
right direction to find out more about this warning, or if I can ignore
the occasional unserviced interrupt.
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