SUMMARY: Solaris 8 Recommended Patches Broke LPRng

From: Ed Alexander <>
Date: Wed Apr 20 2005 - 09:27:10 EDT
Thanks to Dave Foster for his advice.

Found the problem to be caused by patch 109320-13.  Removing that patch 
fixed the problem.  Haven't experienced any problems listed in the patch 
description, so am happy to live without it.


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I recently built a V-240 with Solaris 8 (2/04) and an E-420 with Solaris
8 (4/01).  We're set up to print using LPRng (v 3.7.9) on an NFS-mounted
drive.  Printing worked fine on both systems prior to installing the
latest recommended patch cluster for Solaris 8.

After the patch cluster install, only root or members of the wheel group
could print using LPRng.  Non-privileged users could print using
/bin/lp, but not LPRng.  With debug logging turned on, we see
"permission denied" when the systems attempts a net_send_file to the
remote print spooler.

How can I find which patch broke printing?  A search on Sunsolve didn't
give me any clues.  Thanks in advance.

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