Summary: Problems creating users in LDAP

From: Swanson, James CONTRACTOR <>
Date: Wed Apr 06 2005 - 11:31:59 EDT
After much futzing, I figured something out.  Creating the user using
the Sun One console works.  However, to have a home directory on a
specific server, that home directory has to be created and the user has
to be given rights to the folder based on their UID number.  After
creation of the user and directory, create the automount home directory
in the Sun One console.  This will fill the directory with the
appropriate files, and the new user can fully use the home directory on
the server.  Writing a script or program to do this would probably be
helpful.  So would having Sun make this work through the console.  As
far as I can see, the whole point of the console is to alleviate the
need for manually creating users and directories.  My $0.02.  Many
thanks to those who helped.

James Swanson
Unix Sysadmin
Phone: 703-767-4541

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Thanks to Will Dowling, I'm not getting the home directory errors any
more, and I can log on locally to our Sun boxes.  Basically, I have to
manually create the directories on each of the clients.  But this brings
up another issue.  The users created by my predecessor can log in, and
their /export/home/$username on the LDAP server is their home directory.
I can't do that, I had to create home directories manually on each
client box.  Did I miss something?

James Swanson
Unix Sysadmin
Phone: 703-767-4541

> I've been trying to add myself to our Sun One 5.2 LDAP server.  I'm
> logged in as Admin, I added myself through the Sun One Server Console,

> put in appropriate groups, added an automount directory, etc.  Did all

> that, hit okay , and tried to log in.  Doesn't work.  I looked up the
> documentation from my predecessor, followed his instructions, and when

> I get to the bottom of the document , he wrote, "And now what, the
> user still can't logon and this procedure doesn't create a home
> directory on the server."  I'm having the same problem.  What am I
> missing?
>  Is there a secret command that I have to run to get the user to work?

> Any help would be appreciated, as I'm still a beginner with this type
> of system. Thanks.
> James Swanson
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