SUMMARY: V100 stuck at LOM prompt

From: Dan Cave <>
Date: Tue Apr 05 2005 - 10:10:22 EDT
Thanks to all of those who replied, Mike Imrick, Iain Miller, Mike
Demarco, Doug Bell, Pablo Jejcic, Adam Tonkinson and Ryan Krenzischek,
more specifically Mike Imrick and Doug Bell pointed me towards this
sunsolve document after I got the "Console not shared" message from
all permutations of "console -a/-f"
I ran option 2 which fixed the hung lom prompt.. :D

It transpires that if one pugs the serial cable into the "serial port"
you get to see the usual system at its booted state where nothing gets
displayed on the output on the lom.

Thanks all for their assistance and speedy replies..  my original post below.



> ( i have google'd for this)
> I've been trying to get a V100 sunfire to start up as far as the OK
> prompt, but whilst connected to the LOM (lights out management) port
> it's just stuck at the lom.
> So far, i've tried "poweron, poweroff" physically powering off/on the
> system and help doesn't give me any more than I tried. Also reset does
> nothing.
> Does anyone know how to fix this or is this charactistic of a system
> with a broke OBP?
> I will summarise,
> TIA.
> dan.
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