SUMMARY: rsh: permission denied

From: <Karl.Rossing_at_Federated.CA>
Date: Thu Mar 17 2005 - 14:11:17 EST
Russell hit it on the head.

The reverse DNS pointer records disappeared after the outage/reboot. I 
should have expected that from a windows DNS server.

I put the entries back and things are now humming along.


<Russell.J.LeBar@> wrote on 03/17/2005 12:53:17 PM:

> It's possible something was being cached on the DNS servers or a change
> was made in memory only that got lost with the unexpected reboot. I
> would also check your routes as a change in those could cause the
> problem you are seeing. Verify that the reverse and forward lookups
> match (e.g. nslookup returns and
> nslookup returns If nsswitch.conf
> is set to hosts first check for discrepancies there as well.
> Based on your message this sounds like a name lookup or routing problem.
> I'd try and rule that out before rebooting the LDAP servers. If you do
> reboot them do something like this so you can compare later: ifconfig -a
> >/var/tmp/ifconfig.out; netstat -nrv > /var/tmp/netstat.out.
> FYI, NSCD is single-threaded and should be disabled for name lookups
> because of that. There is a line you can uncomment in nscd.conf to do
> this. wrote on 03/17/2005 09:00:55 AM:

> We are running solaris 8 with native ldap.
> Yesterday, our primary DNS server went down and came back up. The outage 

> lasted 10 minutes and it was unplaned
> Since that time rsh's from one server to another come up with 
> denied". Prior to the dns outage, rsh's were working fine. We are 
> currently getting this error on multiple user accounts.
> I've restarted ldap_cachemgr, nscd and even the LDAP server.
> I'm still getting permission denied.
> Any suggestions, short of rebooting the server?
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