SUMMARY: find devices from "md" driver instance (output from "sar")

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Date: Thu Feb 17 2005 - 08:33:13 EST
OK, this seems an undocumented one for which no proof was found that the
minor-numbers of the "md" driver instances correspond seemingly with the
numbers assigned to the meta-device names :

meta-device "d123" seems to initiate an instance of the "md" driver with
the same number, so "md123"

The command "metastat" returns only info about the meta-devices, as we
all know, but no man-page or whatever document on nor the
SunManagers-FAQ gives a firm statement about this mapping between the
meta-device name and its corresponding "md"-driver instance number.

Thx the several people for suggestion me to refer to "metastat" (and/or
its man-page), altough the command does not report the required mapping


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Subject: find devices from "md" driver instance (output from "sar")


in the "sar -d" output, the DiskSuite driver instances "md[0-9]+" are
mentioned, (like "md3") but how can I relate this back to the physical
devices/volumes underneath ?
The "md" driver is not included in "/etc/path_to_inst", and "metastat"
shows me only info about the metadevices (like "dN").

Searched the web, man-pages etc, but no answer.



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