SUMMARY: VxVM DRL combined with UFS-logging: filesystem corruption?

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Date: Mon Jan 17 2005 - 05:54:58 EST
Thx to Juergen Rothenanger for a swift reply:

SUN's Alert Notification 57636 (in SunSolve, search on document-ID
57636) describes on the spot what happened.

Altough this document suggests to disable the UFS-logging by putting
explicitly the monut-option "nologgin" in "/etc/vfstab" and leave VxVM
perform its logging via the DRL, we will prefer the other strategy:
Not encapsulating the root-disk(s) in VxVM, but stick with Solstice
Disksuite (or Solaris Volume Manager, for Solaris-9 and up) to mirror
the boot-disks. Any other less critical disks and partitions can still
be managed with VxVM because (currently) more easy to use.

Still, for any VxVM-managed (logical) partitions, by default they are
created by VxVM with logging (DRL) enabled. So we will install the
documented patches so that VxVM will add the "nologging" option in
"/etc/vfstab" to avoid the logging-conflict with DRL.



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Subject: VxVM DRL combined with UFS-logging: filesystem corruption?


last week we had a system with "/" filesystem corrupted so badle, that
it had to be restored from backup tape.

Surely we do not want this to happen again, so after careful discussion
with SUN about what could have caused such bad filesystem corruption,
SUN noticed that both UFS-logging was activated via the options in
"/etc/vfstab", and the Veritas Volume Manager's "Dirty-Region-Logging"
(DRL) was enabled at the same time.
This was a non-supported situation according to SUN, but they failed to
present me clear documented reasons that such combination indeed is the
root-cause for a filesystem corruption.

Can anyone point me to documented behaviour with these 2 logging-methods
activated at the same time? I admit, this situation doesn't sound too
healthy, but I inherited this environment since a few weeks and want to
show good reasons why it should be 'corrected'.

Thx a lot in advance !


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