SUMMARY: Veritas Upgrade Problem

From: Dave Martini 1 <>
Date: Thu Jan 13 2005 - 19:28:36 EST
I ended up talking to a SUN support rep to solve this.

vxconfid wasn't starting at bootup because I didn't have 
any disks in rootdg. Once I added 1 disk then vxconfigd started
each time I rebooted the machine.

I ran a vxprint -hft and noticed that my volumes showed up
but were DISABLED.

So, I ran a 

# vxdg import delphi
and it said that the disk group was already imported. ( this I believe
was handled by the uprade_finish script)

I then did a 

# vxrecover -g diskgroupname -sb

and that ENABLED my volumes in vxprint.

At that point I was set.

I also renamed the /VXVM3.5-UPGRADE directory so that I would not
get the WARNING: upgrade did not finish error messages each time
the system rebooted.

Below is my original question:

I'm upgrading from Volume Manager 3.0.4 to 3.5 and from Solaris
8 to 9.

I followed the procedures in the VM 3.5 install guide and did the
upgrade_start script. It changed my encapsulated root disk back
to the normal /dev/dsk file system and that went ok. I then removed
my old volume manager packages and then I upgraded
to Solaris 9 and that went fine. I then added the VM 3.5 packages
and I then ran the upgrade_finish script.

When I reboot my system I get several messages

NOTICE: vxvm: upgrade was not complete
NOTICE: vxvm: upgrade is not complete
VXVM provider configuration daemon is not accessable.

I was expecting the upgrade_finish script to convert my root
disk back to encapsulation but it didn't do this. Is this normal?

I also expected my VM volumes on my external disk pack to function
but I can't mount them. The upgrade_start script commented these
out in my /etc/vfstab file but the upgrade_finish script did not
uncomment them out.

I also notice that vxconfid does not start on bootup I have to type vxconfigd
to start it.

I can start vea ok but no volumes are listed.

Are there extra steps I need to complete after the upgrade_finish script?

Dave Martini
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