SUMMARY: IBM 7337 tape library

From: Grant Lowe <>
Date: Thu Jan 13 2005 - 11:29:37 EST
Well, I got no answers from anybody, but I got the problem resolved.  It turns out that the IBM 7337 tape library is actually a Breece Hill Q2.15 tape library.  I went through the front panel of the library, and changed the ID of the library from an IBM to Q2 (the Fleece Hill ID), and now NBU is happy.
Original question:
Hi gurus.
I'm running an E420, Solaris 9, fully patched, with 2 GB RAM and 2 procs.  I would like to know if anybody has experience with this tape library.  I'm having a very frustrating time with this and getting it to work with NetBackup.  robtest can move tapes around, but for some reason I'm getting some errors that say "Unable to initialize robot" I can't label tapes, let alone use them for backup.  Any help is appreciated.
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