SUMMARY: Cluster for Solaris

From: Bhavesh Shah <>
Date: Tue Jan 04 2005 - 13:14:01 EST
I am really thankful to all for their prompt responses.
Many thanks to:
Alfredo De Luca
Hans Jacobsen
Reggie Beavers
McEwan Ryan
Angelo McComis
Alan Pae
Neil Quiogue
Ragesh Kumar

I got mixed responses. Most of the suggestions were to use V/O/S
(Veritas/Oracle/Sun) combination is really first-rate
For Oracle DB most suggestions were to use oracle 10g cluster which is
As regards Sun and Veritas Clusters Sun is very difficult to setup but
once its setup its robust and reliable but requires Sun professional to
install and configure where as Veritas is easy to setup and administer.
Most responses were to use Veritas Cluster server. The only problem with
Veritas is its cost.
For FREEWARE there are tow suggestions:
HA/FST at which also has free support.
Other is

I have still not decided which way to go but definitely try freeware
before deciding over commercial ones.

Thanks a lot guys

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 Hi Gurus,

We are planning buy Cluster software for Oracle DB as well as File
system on Sun Solaris 8/9. So far I came across two well known in

VCS and Sun Cluster.

Can you please share your opinion/experience which will be better in
terms of Cost, reliable and efficient.

 Also if you are using some FREEWARE which is equally good and tested, I
will prefer that.


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