SUMMARY: file systems

From: Helen Petropoulos <>
Date: Fri Dec 27 2002 - 16:44:17 EST
Hi everyone,

I posted a question asking if an Ultra 10 could mount a fat32 or ntfs
file system.  Firstly, let me apologize for making a mistake.  I meant
to say
Sunblade 100, not Ultra 10.  This was pointed out to me by a couple of
people and rightly so (an Ultra 10 doesn't have a USB port, but the
Sunblade does).

Secondly, I have some conflicting answers.  Some of you stated that
mount -f pcfs would not do it; however, a couple of you believe that it
will work.  I'm gonna give it a try since man mount_pcfs gives states
that you can mount the drive as a special device file type which must be
an MS-DOS formatted drive with a 32bit file allocation table.

Thanks for pointing the way.

My thanks to:

Henrik Visage
Reginald Beavers
Ozgur C. Demir
Tim Evans
Wolf Schaefer
Larye Parkins
Rich Teer
John Martinez
Eduardo Sanchez M.

Happy New Year everyone.
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