SUMMARY: Throughput Increase

From: Yar Baily <>
Date: Fri Dec 27 2002 - 12:12:30 EST
Many thanks to all of you for kind responses.

Dave Foster,  Frank Smith,  Robert Escue,  Brian Sherwood,  Josh Turgasen,
Benjamin Feen, Joe Fletcher

It was an issue with the NIC autonegotiation being enabled. I checked it
with the following commands:

ndd -get /dev/hme link_speed
ndd -get /dev/hme link_mode
ndd -get /dev/hme adv_autneg_cap

Then  I  hardcoded entries in the /etc/system file for Link Speed, Link Mode
and AutoNegotiate as following :

set hme:hme_adv_autoneg_cap=0
set hme:hme_adv_100T4_cap=0
set hme:hme_adv_100fdx_cap=1
set hme:hme_adv_100hdx_cap=0
set hme:hme_adv_10fdx_cap=0
set hme:hme_adv_10hdx_cap=0

Now I am getting the well desired 300 MB / Minute speed !!

Best regards
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